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Proximity Solutions

Can Help Your Workforce During

the COVID Crisis

What are proximity solutions?

Proximity solutions, like PACT (Proximity Alert and Contact Tracing) from AFTER LLC., use dedicated un-intrusive wearable devices to provide detailed information on your workforce wellbeing while on work premises. These dedicated wearables leverage passive GPS, cell phone towers, and even bluetooth connectivity to provide insight on everything from on-premise location history to green and red zone compliance. From a centralized dashboard, organizations can harness real-time and historical location data to optimize resource performance as well as safeguard their well-being.



Slowing down the virus outbreak requires  us to know who the people with the virus  interacted with. To find those people and  isolate them in their homes


  1. Bluetooth bracelet that detects other  bracelets that are in the range of 2 meters. Data is  encrypted and stored on the device for months.

  2. The data on each bracelet will reveal who each person  wearing the bracelet interacted with, when, and for how  long.

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Whatever you will do after…
AFTER will do it now.

Using proximity tracing we can know which employees were in proximity with others – when, where, and for how long








Heavy Industries


Essential Workforces



Why use a proximity solution during COVID-19?

Monitor the spread of the contagion from person to person in the workplace

  • Using wearable co-location devices we can understand possible transmission amongst the workforce

  • If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, quickly understand that employee’s past contact with other employees with detailed location history on work premises

Geofence specific areas of interest and get insight on compliance

  • We can establish red and green zones for specific personnel

  • Understand the time spent in specific areas and proximity to points of interest

  • Tag personnel based on their time spent within a certain vicinity and risk exposure

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Understand possible transmission amongst the workforce

  • Utilize workforce health status tags such as – Infected, Symptomatic, Verified Recovered

  • Leverage a centralized management system from one dashboard for Health & Safety leaders

Prevent and curtail further spread of the virus through notifications

  • Use health status updates to immediately notify employees of potential risk

  • Target employees with previous exposure to the subject employee

  • Notify organizational leadership of workforce status in real-time


Easily implement in a matter of days

  • Onboard quickly with employee opt-ins

  • Implement via multiple form factors including an easy to use watchstrap 

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Maintain privacy of your workforce

  • We do not use existing smartphones or apps as a means of location

  • Instead we use dedicated wearables as a fit-for-purpose solution which avoids any intrusive actions

Tried and tested with multiple clients

governments, enterprises, small business and heavy industries

HOW does IT work?

ALI's bracelet records that ALI was close to  OMAR at 9:30 am for a few minutes. 

The same thing  will  be recorded in OMAR’s  bracelet


ALI is tested positive.  The hospital with a simple phone app  can know who ALI  was close to, when,  and for how long.

OMAR’s bracelet records that OMAR was close to ADAM.

ADAM’s  bracelet records he was close to  OMAR in day 8 to RIMA etc…


Instructions will be sent to the  exact people in ALI's  chain to  stay at home or quarantine

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How do I purchase this solutions
for my organization?


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