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Whatever you will do after…
AFTER will do it now.


AFTER has produced projects from conception to execution with appreciated designs that engender surprise and exceeds client expectations.  AFTER is one of the few companies that is not only conceptualized but also designs, plans and oversees all key elements of an event in-house. While having departments like exhibition services, event rentals, interiors and graphics within the agency, AFTER provides unmatched quality control and ensures that the vision of the client stays cohesive.


The team at AFTER is collaborative, hardworking and uses their collective knowledge and experience of design to create meaningful and compelling project executions that are in line with the set budget and deadlines.



  • Accountability: We hold ourselves at every step of the project

  • Integrity: We firmly take our responsibility for transparency and honesty in our work

  • Excellence: We devote ourselves to professional and hard work.

  • Optimism: when there are permanent challenges in all projects.

We take what’s ordinary and  put it through whatever it takes  to make it extraordinary



  1. Event Management Software

  2. Mobile Event App Solutions
  3. Onsite Solutions

  4. Events Q&A and Polling

  5. Footfall Solutions

  6. Event Data Collection

  7. Event Success KPIs

  8. Event Navigation and RTLS

  9. Crowd Management Planning


The Brief

We start by developing  a well defined brief for  the event.


The next step is to initiate  production of all assets  and resources required for  the project.


A detailed structure is  created to define each  step of the project


Our Team manages  through the whole  project with intricate  details to ensure  excellent experience


Detailed work out session internally and later with  client to create the  perfect plan


The final stage is to put  everything in place and  make a memorable show

We bring in knowledge and expertise complemented by world class advisors

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